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Our conversion kits fit most Champion Power Equipment that can run on gasoline, natural gas and propane, they specialize in the design, manufacture and support of dependable, durable, and affordable portable generators, inverters, pressure washers and transfer pumps. Champion Power Equipment is a US owned and operated company with manufacturing facilities in China. We stand head and shoulders above our competitors by our commitment to quality throughout the engineering, quality assurance, manufacturing and customer service processes.

* These kits include the components necessary to convert the generator that you have selected. The generator pictures and information displayed on our conversion kit pages are here solely for identification purposes only. The actual generators are not included.

Natural Gas or Low Pressure Propane Conversion (Dual Fuel) Kit

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Tri-Fuel Kit

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All of our kits can all you to run on these fuels

Natural Gas After a Gas Meter

Propane Tanks After Secondary Regulator


** Only Our Tri-Fuel Can Run A Barbecue Propane Tank **

Why Buy Our Kits?

  • Easy to Install (See Video)!
  • Comes with Do-It-Yourself Step-By-Step Instructions!
  • Most People Can Install our Kits!
  • Can Still Run on Gasoline!
  • Less Emissions
  • Runs Quieter on Propane or Natural Gas

Tools Needed for Average Installation

  • Screw Drivers (Flat Head and Phillips)
  • Pliers
  • Ratchet Set
  • Crescent Wrench
  • Pipe Wrench
  • Drill

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After proper installation, if the engine stalls, the fuel will STOP FLOWING between the Regulator and the adapter. Some engine applications (we are unable to determine which makes/models) might have a disturbance in performance when running your unit on gasoline. If this occurs you can remove the adapter temporarily when using gasoline. This will not hurt your engine. We will not be issuing refunds for this reason.

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