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G.F.I. (Gaseous Fuel Injection)

GFI Controls Systems (formerly know as TeleflexGFI) develops and globally sells systems and components that allow internal combustion engines to operate on alternative fuels such as propane (LPG) and natural gas (CNG). The company has over 30 years of experience in the field of alternative fuels and has been the preferred supplier to many automotive and industrial manufacturers and after market customers.

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GFI-180-0005 Repair Kit


GFI-300000-023 Fuel Injector


GFI-A3-514 Filter


GFI-A7-144 O-Ring


GFI-A7-170 Repair Kit


GFI-A7-173 Brass Fitting


GFI-A7-175 Lock-off


GFI-A7-177 O-Ring


GFI-A7-182 Repair Kit


GFI-A7-225 Adapter


GFI-A7-226 Fuel Rail


GFI-A7-237 Sensor


GFI-A7-242 Vaporizer


GFI-A7-257 Hose Clamp


GFI-A7-278 Sensor


GFI-A7-301 Fuel Rail


GFI-A7-323 Injector


GFI-A7-324 Throttle Body


GFI-A7-332 Fuel Hose


GFI-A7-340 Fuel Hose


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